Alsu Kurbanovafront-end developer & UX designer

Recent Work

  • Facet AI

    Client project built on React, Gatsby, CSS Grid.

  • Rad Agency

    Client project built on React, Gatsby.

  • Picnic

    Picnic planning app built with Firebase and React.

Alsu who

I push for creativity, unusual patterns, strong tech and humor and sure hope my work reflects that. I love to solve problems and advocate ideas using the power of code & design.

If you just want to know about the stack (I'm really craving pancakes, the good fluffy kind, full of gluten)... anyway, as for tech, I'm really into React and everything front-end related. I *love* experimenting with generative art, WebGL and SVGs among other things. Big fan of UX. Typography is my love, animation is the iltimate escape, accessibility is my trusted friend.

Outside of a browser window, I split my time between leading Canada Learning Code workshops and hopefully ✨ igniting ✨ other creative minds, exploring all the wonderful exceptions of the 🇫🇷 French 🇫🇷 language (halp!) and forever struggling to keep my 🌵 plant babies 🌵 alive.

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